Matt Stamm Relaunches Wintery Cold Visual, 'City Snow'

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Matt Stamm of Mak3rsrelaunches his 2014 pop single "City Snow" in homage to Hurricane Jonas, which hit the east coast of the U.S. as of this weekend. No adult truly likes snow, right? Matt Stamm does, and so much so, he made a record about it. 'City Snow' is a compilation of submitted video clips from his fans abroad who experienced the blizzard themselves firsthand. In an effort to reach back to them all, Matt Stamm joins them, making a personalized home-video himself, standing in the snowfall, crooning alongside the smooth groove.

What a great personal touch, it is.

With the record's audible touch similar to the likes of a Coldplay, Matt Stamm layers his soft, heartfelt vocals on top of mellow drums and organ chords with finesse and grace. Looking out the snowy window actually never felt this good. Especially when there's a soundtrack to go along with it. Grab a warm cup of cocoa and enjoy the experience being snowed inside.

These moments don't last forever.

Special thanks to the fans who helped film 'City Snow': Christian, Robin Benjamin, Rosanne Bogard, Kate Clowry, Sarah Goldstein, Jessy Gross, Margaux Huff, Chad Magaziner, Andrew Panetta, Joe Pardo, and Arthur Yusupov.