Max Wonders - 88 Changes

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Max Wonders 88 Changes

Max Wonders doubles up (literally) from his last single "Swim 44" with a new single entitled "88 Changes".

As the Chicago emcee continues to build his campaign for his upcoming album, he delivers this track that showcases a multiple of flows in one song.

Flowing with the same confidence that I spoke on earlier last month, the Chicago emcee effectively premieres his talent for switching flows in the same song. Through the first verse of 88 Changes, you can hear some Drake influence with his style and tone of voice. By the end of the second verse, Kendrick Lamar comes to mind.

I'm definitely not saying Max's technique is a bad thing. The 18-year-old emcee's habit can and will lead to him obtaining a flow of his on in the long run. With nothing but room for improvement, Wonders shows all potential in the kick-start of his sophomore album campaign.