Benjah's lucky to be alive, let alone be a grammy-nominated producer, but he'll take both.

Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning songwriter, producer, and mix engineer Benjah's looking to become the next big thing out of Florida in 2018 with the help of his 2017 album Guidance, released on his own label, Jahmen Music Group.

Guidance Track List

To date, Benjah's released eight albums. 

Sadly, if not for a life-threatening car accident that killed his friend and ruptured his spleen, Benjah, born Benjamin Thom, wouldn't have pursued music. It was November 19th, 2001 when Benjah, a freshman defensive end for Concordia University at the time, and one of his teammates were driving back to campus. Before merging on to the highway, Benjah's teammate stopped to reach for something in the backseat, hitting the breaks instead of putting the car in park.

End result: the car inadvertently drifted on the highway where another vehicle sped toward their car, and a collision ensued. 

Benjah, 34, said to RapZilla the last thing he remembered was an "explosion-like sound". In addition, Benjah had to undergo emergency surgery on his ruptured spleen before he too would've been a fatality in the accident. In fact, it took multiple surgeries before Benjah, born in Hastings, Nebraska, was out of the woods. Perhaps, a higher power such as God was in the woods, or surgery room, with Bernjah, as the rapper's main genre music is Urban Contemporary Gospel.


“When you hang out with death for a couple days, you see things differently,” Benjah said. “Life is precious, but it’s also frail. Although our bodies are amazing, we’re still so fragile. It can all be gone in one second.”

After recovering from the accident, Benjaht transferred to Full Sail University to pursue music, citing a concussion history with football that got worse when he suffered head trauma in the accident in addition to his ruptured spleen.

After graduating from Full Sail University, Benjah started as an engineer based in Orlando, Flordia. Quickly, Benjah became an emerging producer, helping artists write hooks as well, spawning his career as an artist.

Vanity Fare, Benjah's fourth release, reached no. 12 on the Gospel Albums and no. 43 on the Heatseekers albums chart, respectively. A few months later, Benjah released Haze & Reflections. reaching no. 3 on the Reggae albums chart and no. 41. on the Gosepel albums chart, respectively.

In addition, his sixth album, Motives, reached no. 42 and no. 18 on the Christian albums and Heatseekers chart, respectively. His seventh album, Woke, reached no. 6 and no. 19 on the Heatseekers South Atlantic and Heatseekers charts, respectively, and no. 32 and no. 36 on the Christan Albums and Christian/Gospel charts, respectively. 

In 2017, Benjah released his latest album Guidance. The Olrando native prepped the album roll out with the music video release of "Anything, Everything". To date, the video has north of 150,000 views. The Grammy-nominated, Orlando native has built a loyal fanbase with each of his last four albums charting on Billboard. With his chart success, Benjah has been able to tour throughout America, Brazil, and Africa within the last few years.

Not to get lost in the shuffle is Benjah's past success of musis videos. Benjah's music video for "Never Quit", "On My Momma", and "Fading" have all obtained at least a million views, with the first topping out over six million views. All in all, Benjah has just over 18 million Youtube views, to date, to pair with just over 375,000 Facebook likes.

"Anything, Everything"was inspired from a breakup with an ex-girlfriend he took for granted, according to Benjah. Filmed on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Oahu, he reminisces and visualizes a second chance with his lost love. Admitting his mistakes and acknowledging what went wrong, Benhaj bares his soul on the pop-friendly single 

"The song became my profession of love to her to right the wrongs, with the hopes of turning our relationship around," Benjah said.

"I would do anything, everything, anything, everything, anything, I'd do it for you," Benjah said on the hook. "I would do anything, everything, anything, everything, anything,g I'd do for you. Anything for you."

We hope Benjah gets his girl back, and wish him success in 2018. Follow him on Twitter here