Many of Us Are Yearning For A Little More Substance Within Hip-Hop Music. Meet Gee$... The "Future"

Thanks For Nothing..
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Canis Major set Virginia's very own Gee$ up proper with this fresh new track, "Future". My personal playlist consists of tracks of this very nature. When we listen to music now, more specifically, Hip-Hop, we don't necessarily listen to the lyrics.. We're just rocking because its sonically appealing, right? Gee$ is of that type of artistry that demands you to hear HIM. The lyrics. 

As he flows across the instrumental in a way that makes you wanna pull out the fly whip and drop the top on it, he keeps it true to himself and the sound we've all grown to appreciate. Pay close attention to this artist. This is only the beginning. 2017 will be filled with musical glory when Gee$ debuts his forthcoming LP, "Thanks For Nothing". Coming from someone whose already heard a vast majority of the album, I'm here to tell you that the real is back. This one is for the culture. Listen below.