Micah Williams - Wild Youth

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micah williams

Micah Williams is a 19 year old alternative rap artist from Greensboro, NC currently residing in Florida.

He recently released his latest song "Wild Youth" produced by Andre Ossit & Jo FLX'N with punk band "More to Monroe" member Sam Smizek on the guitar. Micah takes you on a dark journey of deep thoughts and fears.

The song depicts how kids/teenagers deal with everyday problems such as school, drug abuse, depression, conforming all while trying to find themselves through the struggles of life hopefully leading to happiness. His EP entitled "HIKE" is set to release sometime this year.

Our take: Micah's Wild Youth is sophisticated and introspective. He digs into his deepest darkest thoughts and isn't afraid to show you his reality. 'Wild Youth' feels like you're listening to an open diary of his mind while he tries to analyze his situation. It's raw and real. There's definitely a lot of Kid Cudi influence in his music, but William's makes it his own.

The intro of crunching leaves is simple yet unique and lends well to the rest of the story of 'Wild Youth.' The production by Ossit and Jo FLX'N is very solid and Smizek's guitar compliments the song well.

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