Miesa's new single "Too Bad For You" Is Stellar

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Rising R&B recording artist  Miesa (Siri Music Group) has just released her newest single "Too Bad For You", which is in our opinion - is absolutely "stellar". From the vocal performance down to music production, this record rings the bell of true R&B at it's purest.

"I can't love you, I don't love you/

I don't want your love around anymore/

Too bad for you.../"

Excerpted from the hook of the song, Miesa passionately croons about an unwanted love which clearly isn't working out anymore. And when the love became difficult, these thoughts became frequent throughout her mind. Check it out for yourself above, and don't forget to stay in the knowon this amazing soulstress.

'Too Bad For You' is also available for stream/purchase on Spotify, Google Play and Amazon.