Mile High Club's Very Own JBDaPilot Returns With New Music, And This Isn't His "First Time"

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JBdaPilot returns with something special for his latest release, "First Time".

Virginia Beach, VA Hip-Hop artist JBDaPilot serenades a special lover in his latest audio release, First Time. I'm sure the ladies are going to love this one as he sampled a vintage Beyoncé gem pulled from her debut, for all the fans that are hip to that upstart Bey.

Not only does JB have the lyrics on another level, but the low-key singing is reminiscent of your boy Drizzy. That may have been a bit of inspiration, maybe?

Takes me back to a feeling of early 2000's R&B with this one.

Tune in below & follow the leader of the Mile High Club on Twitter at JBDaPilot.