Miles Glyphers - Twisted Youth

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Miles Glyphers 1 - HiRes

Until Australian rapper Miles Glyphers opened for Kid Ink and Sydney last year, almost no one knew who he was.

Then British producer Sound Of Fractures got in touch, sparking a period of correspondence and collaboration between the two artists.

Glyphers tells clash music:

 "We kept sending ideas back and forward, but the tougher it got the better the music came along, it helped me push through problems I was going through at the time..."

The EP was released three days ago and it's already has a ton of hits on Soundcloud. The most played song being "Lake House." My personal favorite of the EP is the first joint "Where Do We Go."

Glyphers reallys gives off that Kid Cudi vibe. It's spacey and mellow. His lyricism combined with his flow is very impressive and he sound like he's far behind his first EP.

Sound of fractures does a solid job of production on 'Twisted Youth.' Each song is unique, but blends perfectly together as part of Glyphers' overarching story.

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