Miloh Smith ft. OG Maco – Pretty Dirty (Official Video)

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miloh smith pretty dirty

Smith gets 'Pretty Dirty,' in the latest video from her forthcoming EP.

Smith is back after her Pulp Fiction EP and she's sexier than ever.

Directed by Matthew Sherman, places Smith in a strange hotel room, hanging out with an inflatable friend as she waits by the phone. The video has this stop-motion, "woozy bedroom" vibe about it. The song features OG Maco as he keeps calling Smith to no avail (she's too busy with her new friend). Childish Major does the visuals in this piece with production from Matt Martians.

Maco's got that T-Pain autotune going on. But, it's slower, dreamier and it doesn't feel totally fake. Smith really commands the video and keeps watchers at full attention.

This is really a song people can chill and vibe to.

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