When EDM & Hip-Hop Create a Brand New Wave..

Whoever began to blur the lines between electronic dance music (EDM) and Hip-Hop/Rap, kudos to you. You've paved the way & allowed for artists from different polarities to collaborate and continue to push the limits of & for.. "the culture".

I enjoy using Waka Flocka Flame (even though he has dropped the most lit part of his name) as my prime example when referring to the culture shock that occurs when we intertwine the two heavy genres. His impact on the still very fresh movement has made it possible for me to even write an article like such, which is awesome in itself.

Our latest success story involves Austria DJ/Producer trio, Muchie Squad, and Los Angeles based contemporary artist, YMTK. The four musicians all collaborated on their infectious new released, "Keep Callin," taking Munchie Squad a bit out of their element and enabling them to dabble with new flavor. 

On the new single, Munchie Squad perfectly fuses together an irresistibly catchy mellow electro-house melody infused with classic Hip-Hop beats. 'Keep Callin' is full of high energy and the track comes full circle with YMTK’s spit-fire vocals, bringing together the upbeat and bouncy vibe to create the ultimate party track. 

Tune in below for the latest cross-country connection. Also, take some time out to peep YMTK's recently divulged body of work, "9Song.Wav". More hit jams are sure to follow.