Mus Matos Drops New Single "Verbatim"

Stream Mus Matos' intoxicating new single, "Verbatim"
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Stream Mus Matos' intoxicating new single, "Verbatim"

Mus Matos continues to solidify his brand in many different cities around the world. Washington, DC being the home of Mus Matos’ core fan base, he was invited for a live on air interview on WPGC 95.5 following the release of his single, ‘Audience’. WPGC brought Mus Matos to premiere the record and give the listeners and opportunity to know a little about what the Mus Matos brand represents. It is imminent that ‘Verbatim’ will provide that same impact. With signature soft melodic vocals mixed over top tier production, ‘Verbatim’ will only confirm the notion that Mus Matos music is well worth looking forward to.

Mus Matos has been soaring through the airways recently, being detected as an artist with his own lane in the industry. With a combination of grungy hard hitting production and super-composed vocalism, Mus Matos is euro stepping right through the competition. A Philly native, Mus Matos began to receive traction with the release of his previous records, such as, ‘Here Forever’, ‘YUNO Who’s Up Next’ , ‘Love What I Do’ , and most importantly ‘Audience’. Being able to find that balance and please his listeners while still keeping the creative process as organic as it is, Mus Matos is able to have his songs spinning from the most popular night clubs to your grandma’s cookout.

Mus Matos and his team seem to be very tactical and damn near genius with every release, making sure every drop pleases new and returning listeners. His ability to shift the culture and keep wanting fans to want more will always keep him relevant in the hearts of passionate fan of music. Now, more than ever, it is easy to see that Mus Matos is a brand. That brand’s main focus is to generate timeless work. Living by the code of quality, Mus Matos guarantees and will forever be better than quantity. Mus Matos guarantees an upcoming library of releases for multiple ends of the music spectrum.

Please feel free to contact AymanX at for any inquiries. You can follow Mus Matos at ( @musmatos ) on all platforms. Music is available on Soundcloud, Apple Music, Spotify, Shazaam, Google Music, and all other online streaming apps and platforms. 

Stream "Verbatim" here