Bryson Knoel, 'Super Villain'

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Bryson Knoel is a Baltimore-bred singer/songwriter and performer who is becoming known for his heavily vocal driven r&b sound, which is infused with pop elements.

His debut single "7 Wonders", which was featured on his "Tip of the Iceberg" EP earlier this year, earned him the opportunity to become a part of Ryan Leslie's innovative "Disruptive Multimedia" music platform. His second single "Super Villain", from his upcoming album "Heart on my Sleeve", is sure to take him even further.

The mysterious, yet hard hitting, track tackles the subject of bittersweet infatuation. Bryson is enamored with a lover who has ulterior motives for reciprocating his feelings, but who can't be resisted. All in all, he realizes the tainted actions of this lover, but doesn't want to let go because he fears loneliness and is vulnerable to deception. The track is left open for interpretation so that in some cases the "Super Villain" could refer to something other than a romantic interest, like a toxic platonic relationship, a drug or addictive substance, or any other vice to which a human can be left vulnerable."

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