MUSIC: Flume & Chet Faker "Drop The Game" Remix (Feat. Koncept)

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Koncept isn't playing any games with yall in 2015 - we can promise that.

In what seems to be the continuance of greatness already being delivered from the artistry of Koncept, is actually the beginning - if not the rebirth of something much greater than we could ever expect. This song leaves smoke in the air regarding the future of the MC, and leaves one to wonder what could be coming next in the coming months.

"I've been feeling cold, I just needed to grow, tell you things I want you to know, take you into my soul." 

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From the second the needle hits the record, an emotional sounding sitar strums along sadly across the wide band frequencies. The original hook from Flume & Chet Baker's "Drop The Game" starts off the record followed by Koncept's re-visitation of his personal remixed rendition.

Then, taking the thesis of the first verse, it wasn't hard to see where this was going next.

"Flick the match, throw the flame, and watch the burning of the bridge.. I turned around again - some fire - reflected off my glasses, but one time I wish that I was standing in it, I thank God it didn't last long, now i'm laughing..." - Koncept

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From HYPEFRESH®'s knowledge on the Brown Bag All Star team, Koncept is dropping new songs, remixes, and videos every week leading up to the launch of Koncept & J57. With their EP campaign set to launch this Spring, Koncept on vocals,J57on (all sample-free) production, they wanted to warm up listeners to be ready for the best music they've ever made as a collective.

This record says more than just "listen". It's an invite into the soul of Koncept, who isn't attempting - but rather doing what he does best: delivering the message. It's obvious that moving forward we'll see more records from the duo in the same vein, but for now, lets all just enjoy being spoon fed classics like this one here.

Much, much more coming very soon from the group. HYPEFRESH® will stay tuned to deliver future updates. Signing out.


And as an added bonus, HYPEFRESH® wants you to download a free copy of "Drop The Game" Remix (Ft. Koncept) to add continuous support to the movement! Click the album art below to get yours NOW!