MUSIC: Jacob Kulick, "Truth and Liars" EP

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Jacob Kulick has all the makings of a classic American songwriter.

A native of a small farm town in the coal region of Pennsylvania, he grew up with the angst of not knowing if he would spend the rest of his life right where it started, or if there was a world out there in which he could carve out a place for himself. He spent most of his childhood walking the fence between loving the peace and safety of small-town life and yearning for a bigger, faster existence.

Jacob takes the notion of being a classic American songwriter to a different dimension--one that gladly welcomes the possibility of being seen by some as just another pop artist, with the higher hope that most people who experience his music will also know the depth from which it comes. He loves pop music--but in modern context, calling his music just 'pop' neglects that it is heavily nuanced with rock, Americana, and an undeniable down-to-earthness that is rare in most modern popular music. A major way Jacob stands out among today's musical offerings is that he writes his own songs, sings the vocals, plays the instruments, records them, mixes the tracks, and even masters them himself, which--to say the least--is rare.

A self-taught musician from the age of 13, Jacob honed his songwriting skills and was thoroughly in love with the entire production and recording process by the age of 16. This led him to make one of the most pivotal decisions of his life: to attend college in the historic musical powerhouse of Philadelphia and become a professional recording engineer. He continued making music and journaling his experiences and observations through songs. It was while he was showing examples of his recording and engineering work one day that it became clear to him what he should actually be doing with his life.

He was reminded by someone that anyone with the right ear and proper training can be a good recording engineer, but very few people can be musical and lyrical conduits of universally in-demand themes and messages. He took this to heart and went to work, crafting the Truth and Liars EP from a collection of old songs as well as some newly written ones. The minimalistic but richly produced EP starts out with the contemplatively indifferent "Life on Earth" and goes through a journey that explores thoughts and themes derived from everyday life, human struggle, and relationships--ending with the anthemic "Truth and Liars".

For those that know Jacob, the tough decision is whether you like him or his songs more; the lines get blurred very easily. Jacob writes songs--undeniably good ones--songs that remind you and me of ourselves. That is always good song, and even better if it can be delivered by someone as real as Jacob Kulick. Check out his music on most online outlets, and catch him on tour at a venue near you.

To preview and purchase the 'Truth & Liars' EP, visit iTunes by clickinghere.