Music: Listen To Reginald, "Genius Child"

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Langston Hughes answered the question best: Nobody loves a genius child. Reginald knows this and feels the parallel to his journey. With this new release (a full 180º turn, sonically, from the previously released “Brain Dead Slave”), the Philadelphia native stakes his claim as such a person; one whose brilliance is often overshadowed or misunderstood, with the ideas and the talent to shine a great light on anyone who dares to listen to what he has to say, yet the culture (in this case, hip-hop) hasn’t yet welcomed him with open arms to spread the good he has to offer.

This song is important, not only to Reginald in efforts of building an honest, pure brand of hip-hop music, but to a whole demographic of people who aren’t widely represented on a grand scale in the culture. Surely, there’s a lane for intellectual rap, but with the passion and the angst that Reginald brings with these lyrics, it’s not just nerdy rap as much as it is a form of abstract art. Reginald is a Genius Child and determined to show the world that he is worthy of their love.