MUSIC: Sterling Duns Delivers The 'Truth'

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Sterling Duns decides to speak the 'truth' - opening up his soul about things that are on his mind and have happened to him in life as of recent. We gotta give him major props, because most MC's don't make records as honest and open as this one.

Ripping over the Alexander sample 'Truth', Sterling shows no mercy lyrically, delivering heavy bars - line after line, in what seems to be a barrage of current events in his life. Here's a few highligted:

"I tell the truth, no lying, my pops is dead im dying/"

"my first dates were the only ones that have made me nervous/
-and people change, so give em space, and let em close the curtains"

"Holiday season gives a reason to present my presence/
-presently dealing with skeletons I made in the past tense"

"And yea I use to chase the fashion, the fame, but i'm pass it/
-fell in love once or twice, advice, don't make it a habit"

It sounds like Sterling is going through the growing phases of life, just like the all of us. And he was nice enough to share these issues openly with the world. This record is definitely a must listen for the fan of true Hip Hop. Check out this video and leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Video: Directed by Andrew Nadkarni