MUSIC: Sterling Duns, 'Walk It Off'

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Sterling Duns just wants everybody to walk it off.

The Philadelphia soul Hip Hop artist is on a rolling streak of releasing records that feed the soul for the fan of good music. Recently releasing his newest single "Truth", HYPEFRESH® decided to dive back into his previous release earlier in the year. And we gotta say, its mad dope. Point, blank period. Duns rocks off of a classic Hip Hop groove which instantly connects your subconscious to the era of 90's flavor. Mixing up a tight blend of impressively crafted lyrics, intertwined with catchy metaphoric lines and pure wisdom for the brain. Not to mention his sharp and crisp flow in delivery on the mic every MC will respect from the rip.

Be sure to check out this awesome video and be sure to leave your comments in section below. Enjoy!