MUSIC: Vokab Kompany & JPOD - Kaleidoscope

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The West Coast's very own Vokab Kompany, comprised of Rob Hurt and Burkey Baby, blended together a mixture of hip hop, electro, funk, sugar and spices to make one magnificent concoction called "Kaleidoscope." As the first single off of their most anticipated project, The Good Kompany, Vokab Kompany has managed to effortlessly mix together different styles to make a unique, versatile sound that could be heard from the dance floor of your late-night club to the decks of a Caribbean cruise. It's a sweet sound and vibe that could set anyone's mood right for the day or night.

Vokab Kompany's sound is just as unique during their live shows, where they combine multiple synths, keys, bass, drums and violins to create sounds that do not conform. Their previous project, VKCE, a collaboration with a duo called Crush Effect, gained two national commercials and debuted at #47 on iTunes hip hop charts.

Be sure to catch Vokab Kompany on their festival tour.

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