Can You Believe It's been 15 years since QB's finest dropped "Stillmatic"

In the early 2000's, Nas returned to the music scene with "Stillmatic"
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QB's Finest

QB's Finest

15 years ago, Nas one of the inarguable best emcee's to ever grace the mic, dropped "Stillmatic". The self proclaimed and proven "QB's Finest" rapper is considered one of the best lyrical story tellers of all time. Rewinding the history tape 15 years back, we found the lyricist going at it with none of than Hov in a heavyweight battle. The dropping of "Stillmatic" sent a shockwave of disbelief as Nas returned to the airwaves after being gone from the music scene for an extended period of time. 


The fifth album from Nas proved to be just what the rap game needed as it provided hits such as: One Mic, Got yourself, and the infamous Jay-Z diss "Ether". Looking back, it was certainly a feud that until the end of time will be a debate. Who won the battle? who won the war? Many people still believe that it was Nas who won the bar with his clever lyrical skills. However, Jay-z was more consistent with music, and had a bigger audience growing from the 90's. With shots being thrown at Nas on Jay-z's classic "The Blueprint", it was indeed a memorable time in hip hop.

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Since the beef in the early 2000's, Nas and Hov managed to squash the beef and went on to do several songs together. Nas the influential rapper has continued to deliver classic lines not only in his personal projects, but also in features. Nas who is noticeable for having a platinum album with no features has continued to change the culture of rap as we know it. Even in today's day and age, Nas is still considered a top emcee that can rhyme with the best of them. Nasir Jones will forever be apart of hip-hop in just about ever aspect possible. 

In celebration of this historic album make sure to watch "Got Yourself A Gun":

We here at HYPEFRESH congratulate Nas on a successful career, and look forward to more music in the future!!