Today, Naya Ali is back in full force, and picking up right where she left off, with her exciting brand new single titled ‘Out The Dirt’. Co-produced by Kevin Dave and burgeoning Canadian musician Nomis, who is currently working with 300 Entertainment, Interscope and Sony Music signed artists, ‘Out The Dirt’ is a gritty pure rap track, which sees Naya Ali in flying form, as she raps about not only trusting the process, but falling in love with it, and fully committing herself to Hip Hop music.  

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Out The Dirt’, Naya Ali explains that, 

Water can cut through rock if persistent. You ain’t got no choice but to be persistent, there is no magic formula, there isn’t one single path, and definitely no one is going to come and save you. You have to believe in your God given gifts and make the choice to invest in them every day until potential becomes excellence”.  

The Montreal native goes on to say, 

the body of work I produce rely heavily on lyrical dexterity and depth. But at the same time, it stays light and easy to take in, so you have the chance to let it seep slowly into your mind. I’m not here to compete with anybody but myself, but I am confident my art will move the culture and reach the upper echelon of Hip Hop in due time. I do it for myself and for the culture”.  

The creative and imaginative 90’s cinema inspired video for 'Out The Dirt', sees Naya Ali collaborating with Juno Award-nominated directors Fatty Soprano and Shutter, for what is a really captivating visual affair, which I reckon you'll enjoy. Check out the visuals above and stay tuned for from NAYA ALI in 2018!