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Neff The Skywalker Is "Livid" In His Latest Audio Drop

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It seems that the new trend in Hip-Hop, or the altnerative version of the genre which is slowly but surely manifesting itself, is heavily becoming dark. You could nearly say that a demon has entered the realm of rap music, & elevated that sh*t. 

Rappers who indulge in the trend rely heavy on the precussion of their records to set the pace for the head-nods, & complex lyricism that the kids of the today relate to, all too well.

VA-based rapper Neff The Skywalker certainly appeals to the evergrowing fanbase of this particular type of music with his upcoming project, Too Late To Grieve. 

The conscious mind can conjur up thoughts that can potentially evoke the masses, & that's what Mr. Skywalker is aiming to achieve.

Listen below to his latest loosie which will be featured on the project, Livid.