Neka & Kahlo - Mayweather (Official Video)

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The "femcee" has nearly become extinct in our current culture and because of this, it's become ever so necessary for women in the game to reveal themselves--Nicki Minaj has been holding the game down by her lonesome for way too long now. The rapper/singer duo better known as Neka & Kahlo serve as a serious breath of fresh air into the Hip-Hop/R&B industry.

These two ladies stem from Portland, Oregon and began their journey together in 2009. Rather than latching on to some trendy sub-genre that critics can cheaply package as “something new”, the duo like to think of themselves as a vector for the convergence of a multitude of genres and sounds, expressed through the lens of their unique experience as women who refused to conform to any one identity alone. As the two say; "We pray to the Goddess of many faces."

Their most recent visual offering, Mayweather, embodies such a contagious vibe that you too will begin to enjoy that "May weather" in the middle of June. With such vintage quality invested into their music, visuals, & image, it's safe to say that Neka & Kahlo have this thing all figured out. It's no question as to whether or not we'll be hearing more from them.

Allow the mellow vibes of Mayweather to take you under below..