New Jersey Artist MaccMccray won Tidal's "TidalxWeezyana" Challenge

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New Jersey artist MaccMccray took on the "Tidal x Weezyana" challenge, rapping Lil Wayne song titles over his own authentic beat.

With thousand of video submissions via Instagram, the 22-year-old artist knew that promotion would be the key to winning. After receiving almost 400 likes on his video, a slew of hashtags and reposted videos. Tidal reposted the video stating that Macc had won the challenge.

Macc won a round trip flight to New Orleans with a paid hotel included in the prize package. Tidal also paid for a VIP Premium package for the first annual Lil Weezyana Fest.

"When I won, I was excited but it didn't really hit me until I actually got on the plane," Macc said.

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"I had never been on a plane before or ever really traveled. That was the first time that I've ever experienced anything like that and that's when I realized that my little hobby of music could do things like that for me. It was a great feeling."

Macc went on to speak about the beautiful city life of New Orleans saying, "Its like another planet out there. There's a street named 'Bourbon St.' and it's literally nothing but bars and clubs. They sell super cheap drinks and the bars never close. I cant even begin to describe how beautiful the scenery is down there. Palm Trees, hot weather, and for some reason you can always hear music playing."

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After the concert, he was able to meet some very legendary hip-hop artist such as Juvenile and Mack Maine.

"I ran into Juvenile on the way back from the concert. He stayed in the same hotel as me. After I came back in from the club, I met Mack Maine. He was standing outside the hotel with a couple of other people. I didn't feel the need to take any pictures, I was more so happy to get the chance to meet and talk to them for a few minuets. It was definitely very inspiring to talk to them and see the love they got from the people in their hometown. They are legends there and to come back and get the amount of love and respect was influential."