Noex Continues #SakeShotSUNday Series With Two New Releases: "Sake Shot" & "Dat Loud"

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The key to crafting a song that is to be considered "great" within Hip-Hop culture seems to be very complex in today's industry, but really, it's quite simple--All you need is a tight beat, dope lyrics, catchy hooks, & a flow that takes the listener by storm.

Meet Noex. This versatile emcee possesses a songwriting capability that allows you a brief moment of "The Golden Age" through his urban yet vintage rhymes.

Noex has started a freestyle series called "SakeShotSUNday" which will roll out weekly in lieu of his forthcoming project. The series provides listeners with an introspective view into Noex's mind. Today he presents two new tracks, Sake Shot produced by Knxwledge and Dat Loud produced by the infamous Flying Lotus. Both records are sure to hint back to my aforementioned statement--a tight beat, dope lyrics, catchy hook, & crazy flow make up the recipe to a great song.