Noname Drops Highly-Awaited Debut Mixtape, "Telefone"

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Yesterday, Chicago rapper, poet, and singer Noname released her first full-length project, "Telefone." This debut mixtape has been anticipated by fans for years, as her singles and features have left listeners wanting a full composition. Now, though, it's here, and you can stream and download it on SoundCloud.

The excitement for music from Noname has been building since her 2013 guest appearance on Chance the Rapper's "Acid Rap", a project from another Chicago artist. She was featured on the track "Lost," and her smooth verse catapulted her popularity. Since, she's collaborated with other Chicago figures, including Mick Jenkins, theMIND, Jamila Woods, Saba, and more. Noname has also dropped some loose tracks over the year, but she has never released anything as substantive and complete as "Telefone."

The mixtape builds on her style and techniques as an artist: lush production, nimble and dexterous and poetic lyrics, and her patented, smooth voice. Plus, at 33 minutes long, the mixtape excludes filler and unnecessary songs. Instead, the ten tracks have a concise and continuous feel that binds the mixtape together and leaves listeners with an identifiable theme. Noname definitely left her mark with "Telefone."