Nylo - I Use

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Nylo has been gaining attention in the indie and electronic music scene for the past three years through her music releases on Soundcloud and now she has released another single, "I Use."

Her eclectic style has garnered her the attention of many rappers including Mac Miller, a collab with G- Eazy and the great Nas even tweeted that she was his "new favorite artist." Earlier this year, Nylo remastered Nas's song, "Life's a B*tch."

She's been pretty much under the radar since 2013, expect sometimes showing up at various California venues to sing.

According to DJ Booth: The original version of the song, a more polished rendition, recorded during a late night session in her bedroom, was lost several months ago, when an external hard drive crapped out.

She took that as a sign to not release the song, but we're glad she flipped her original decision. Her vocals are strong and powerful. She reaches notes that you didn't think were possible to hit and her vocals blend delicately within a soothing electronic background.

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