Nyzzy Nyce 'Lettin' Go' EP Is An Amazingly Genre-Bending Project (Review)

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Los Angeles-based, Fort Wayne, Indiana born Nyzzy Nyce is an artist on the rise in the hip-hop world. With his latest EP, Lettin' Go, he has emerged as a contending up-and-coming artist. Nyzzy's latest EP follows two of his previous projects, Nothing Nyce, and Lost in LA, which were phenomenal.

For those that haven't heard about him, he is different from the norm when it comes to today's hip-hop, but that's what he aims for.

"Wait A Minute" starts the project off nicely, where Nyzzy aims his focus toward people who have claimed to have supported him sine day one. Tracks like this showcase his innate lyrical ability and flow. Not to mention, the beat is an absolute banger, in my opinion. The best part of the song, however, is when he says:

"f*** how you feel you don't know how much time I put into this, I pray for my haters have god as my witness."

What makes this single so special and distinctive is how relatable it is. Everyone has haters -- pray for em'.

Following is "Get Me High," a track that serves as a perfect transition from talking about the haters to shaking it off. It is a personal favorite of mine because from beginning to end, you are consumed by such a dancing mood, it just makes you want to dance away all of the nonsense in your life. It's meant for a party scene and to serve as a mood-shifter. But again, the mission for both him and producer KYRA Beats was to develop a real sound.


The first verse sets it off and creates the whole vibe of the song:

"I can't believe, what i've seen, all that lies and what's in between, goes through my head like Maybelline, and through it all i'm still chasin' dreams."

Oh yeah not mention this lyric:


In"Like I Do," Nyzzy continues with a sound that fits with the club scene.

"Girl, come f*** with a real one, I'll coach you and show you the game, Roll up and take one to the brain, Just pack up we boarding this plane."

The songs sounds really catchy and it fits the theme and beat perfectly. If you are looking for that ride along song, the one you can cruise to with friends or by yourself, this is the one for you.

"Float Away"  brings it back to the sound Nyzzy aimed for on "Get Me High." It's much shorter than the other songs but, I guarantee you will appreciate it no matter the length, 1 minute and 59 seconds to be exact.

For anyone who has listened to Nyzzy Nyce's previous project, "Who We Are" is that nostalgic track on the project, the one that brings you back to the "Live It Up" days. Out of all the songs on Lettin' Go, this one is the most marketable in terms of being "mainstream." The context, the beat and song itself aligns with what we here everywhere, on the radio, streaming services and etc. However, if you pay close attention, you'll be able to catch the positive message this anthem has:

"This is who are, this is who are, this is who we are, one foot on the gas, one hand on her a**, we smokin' this gas, we gettin' this cash, livin' in the fast lane but we makin' it last,and these haters be tryna hate' be makin' me laugh, but guess what this is who we are..."

"Cavity" has a very creative visual, if you have achance to check it out. This song is basically a reflection of how Nyzzy used to live and transitions over to how he is living right now. It has some similar traits to his previous tracks, but he holds a completely different message this time around. The start of the chorus tells it all:

"They try to tell me that this life ain't sweet, but why the f*** do I have a cavity then."

One line that caught my attention due to it's significance:

"You ever woke up broke with no weed to smoke/No heat had to sleep in your coat, last thing you want to hear is a joke/Asking God for hope, I’m reciting everything that I wrote."

For "Know Me Now," Nyzzy has his own brand HMG (Hurricane Music Group), and this to me was an anthem for it. Whoever was in charge of the song placement was an absolute genius, because this was the perfect song to end the project.

"All my n***** hold me down, and we just tryna smoke a pound, b***** on us when we hit the town, if they ain't know me bet the know me now."

In conclusion, this EP is a must listen. He's already made it big time with placements in American Horror Story, Get Hard, Beyond The Lights, St. Vincent, and more. But, this project itself shows the next level that Nyzzy is willing to take.

So if you are unfamiliar, take a listen, you may appreciate the diversity of sound and message throughout Lettin' Go. And who knows, you may love it just as much as I did. Make sure you check it out below and download his mixtape for yourself on Datpiff.