Pretty Ugly: An Oxymoron

Sexy, zany, sensitive, and rebellious are just a few of the many ways you can describe Philadelphia-based recording artist Patty Crash. While her voice expresses dashes of soul and pop, this performer and her powerful style have evolved into an abstract art that cannot be categorized by a single genre of music.

Patty stays true to self in her new soulful, melodic track “Come Around”. The second record from her highly anticipated “Pretty Ugly” EP (set to release in early 2018) is now available on all streaming platforms including iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify via nicethingsMUSIC.

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Born in Keflavik, Iceland, the talented singer began her American journey in the early 1990s. Once Patty Crash, formerly known as “Patty Cake,” set foot in the United States, she generated an anything but a normal persona. While settling into her new home city of Philadelphia, she encountered manager and producer of The Roots, Richard Nichols. Nichols took the singer-songwriter under his wing and assisted her in developing as an artist.

Patty Crash has been featured on The Roots Grammy-nominated album “How I Got Over” and RapperTyga’s hit song “Diamond Life.” Patty Crash also proudly assisted American rapper Logic on creating multiple songs from his album, “Under Pressure.”

Catch Patty take the stage on December 28 at Milkboy in Philadelphia, PA! Tune in below for her latest sounds.