Peep Rising Artist Pearl Gates' Diamond Mind EP

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Rising artist, Pearl Gates released his EP, "Diamond Mind" in 2015 with an aggressively positive message fueled with confidence, attitude and bars.

In a setting dominated by crime, mis-education and economic hardship, PearlGates's third eye deflects darkness and spotlights the powers of thought on his debut EP ‘’Diamond Mind’’. While finessing East Coast rap over edgy boom bap production, Gates invites the listener in to the process of excavating raw gems from even the rockiest surroundings. ‘’Diamond Mind’’ features production from Khrysis of Justus League (9th Wonder), Kic Beats, iRobot Scott (for Matrax Productions),Sirplus, Jay Notez and M. Stacks. Artists featured include Masta Ace,Wordsworth, Boldy James, Stricklin and more. The EP is now available as a digital and limitedCD release on Below System Records.

Check out the video for Diamond Minds below!