Pharrell discusses the "Alright" beats and A$AP Yams Legacy

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Montreality had the chance to speak with Pharrell Williams in Morocco, during Mawazine Festival's press conference.

During this quick interview Pharrell discusses a plethora of topics including:

  • Producing "Alright" for Kendrick Lamar's "To Pimp A Butterfly"
  • A$AP YAMS' Legacy, Rocky's latest album
  • Being Forever Young

Watch the clip below to hear Pharrell dish out about these topics. He talks about some of the inspiration behind Kendrick's and his most recent collaborative effort on “Alright;” as well as how difficult it can be to move forward from the death of a dear friend (A$AP Yams). By the end he tells folks how he stays young at heart. Don't miss it.


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