Philly Cops Want To Talk To Meek Mill About LeSean McCoy Fight (Video)

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Meek Mill will soon be on house arrest but, until then, he wanted to enjoy the freedom by going to a club.

Unfortunately, the night he went out was the night that LeSean McCoy allegedly went nuts on a couple of off-duty cops.

Multiple sources at the Philly PD have verified … this video shows the incident cops are investigating and as one police source put it — “We believe the man in the red boxers who gets pulled into the ice bucket is LeSean McCoy.”

Rapper Meek Mill was in the club at the time of the fight. Our police sources say they’re interested in talking to Meek and any other witness who may have information that could help the investigation.

Like BSO said, all for just a champagne bottle.

View clips below courtesy of TMZ and Crossing Broad St.

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