Pop-EDM Artist JLiNE Shares His New Visual Release, "Over"

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Not only can he string together creative lyrics blended masterfully with EDM beats and pop melodies, but he is also a talented performer, who choreographs his own dances. Where some artists are singular in the reach of their talents, JLine is the entire package.

As one to never settle, JLine is thrilled to release the music video for his new single, “Over.” The video follows an epic dance battle between JLine and a female counterpart with cuts to trippy galaxy scenes. Working with powerhouse producers, Electro-point and Noisecatle iii (Daya, Dawn and JoJo), JLine’s new song signifies a new chapter in his career that’s sure to take him to the next level. “Over” proves that JLine has what it takes to play in the big leagues. He is the male response to pop star, Dawn.