Premiere: J57 Drops New Single 'Zack Morris Cell Phone'

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Brooklyn based emcee and producer, J57 proves that consistency is an imperative virtue. And he is showing no signs of slowing down this year. 

Following an impressive wave of releases, singles, EP's, projects and his debut album "I'm the J57", J is back with an 8 track instrumental project titled 'Landmines' EP. Released on Balanced Records, the Landmines EP is now available on itunes. But no worries, we've included the lead single, 'Zack Morris Cell Phone' just for you guys. The track highlights J57's undeniable skill to blend both Hip Hop and electronic influences into a sound wave that redefines what we classify as Hip Hop. Check out the dope track below and be on the look out for more from J57!

P.S. Kudos to J57 and the team for keeping the music coming!