PREMIERE: Jared Xavier Drops "Fly Sh*t" For Ya Ears

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Jared Xavier releases his newest single "Fly Sh*t" today, exclusively through HYPEFRESH® Magazine. And to be perfectly honest, the title speaks for the song in itself.

Maybe about a few weeks back in June, I received a direct message from a clothing company named JXBNY. Inquiring about an exclusive opportunity, they forwarded over the lush sounds of Jared Xavier. From the minute the record dropped, down to the split second it was finished, I already knew where it was going to debut.

Xavier is bluntly honest, to say the least. To speak on the most, he's straightforward in his approach on the mic, spilling out his true thoughts on wax. Some are a bit brash, but hey - he's being 100%, no holds barred. And that has to be respected. Hip hop needs more authenticity in today's times, due to the overpopulation of "copycat" artists following one another. He're one of the game's keys to solving that issue.

"Fly Sh*t embodies the perfect premiere single for the taking. I'm pretty sure you'll love it too. This track touches on common topics in many facets, and has an undertone in its message most guys would understand. Give it a spin, and share your thoughts below. And don't forget to show your love for Jared Xavier. If you love his work, follow him on social media, and stay in the loop.

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