PREMIERE: Kriswontwo x Skyzoo, "Achievements"

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Kriswontwo is back at it again, and this time he's brought the Brooklyn Hip Hop heavyweight, Skyzoo along with.

Between each drum and snare this record is saturated with, there's the underlying message wanting "more", even in being achieved. Skyzoo lets the world know, bar for bar, how hungry he is, regardless of what his trophy shelf looks like. The unsatisfying thirst of wanting everything that success has to offer - which many never completely see.

The real question is this. Do you see the glass half empty, or half full? There's no wrong answer in this case, as if you see it half empty, you'd be in direct agreement with Skyzoo's position in this song. This perception fuels the drive of the ambitious, who's mission is to accomplish more and to never be satisfied until it's all said and done.

Kriswontwo skillfully crafts this record, delivering an upbeat and lively touch to the sonic of this track. Kinda puts the listener in a neutral mood, which doesn't invoke emotions, but rather awakens your mind around this composition in its complex, yet simplistic approach in production. Which he does often in many of his records.

This record definitely is a breath of fresh air to hip hop as it is overall very much honest in many aspects. Give this video a spin and enjoy the vibes from the two musical giants in their collaborative pitch to the rap worlds eardrums.


Those To Be Credited:

Shot in Brooklyn by the talented Alex G / Edited in Copenhagen by Paw Ager / Rap by Skyzoo / Production by Kriswontwo / Choir vocals by Nicholas