Pretty Philly: 5 Philly Based, Female Artists You Should Know

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Philadelphia is full of talented female artists, but there may be a few that have flown under your radar for whatever reason. Don't worry though, I've got you covered.

Check out my list of "Pretty Philly" Artists below.


1.) Suzann Christine - You may have heard her on the Hometeam intro on Hot 107.9, but if you haven't heard any of her full length music, you need to get familiar with Suzann Christine ASAP. Su's sultry vocals, personable attitude, and chic sense of style puts her in a league of her own. There's nothing that'll stop Su from reaching her goal of being one of the top women in the music industry, and I don't think it'll be long before she makes her mark. Be sure to check out Suzann's new single "Just Wanna Live" over on iTunes.


2.) Ms. Kachina - If there's one word I would use to describe Ms. Kachina, it would definitely be "motivated". Kachina has been grinding non-stop to make her dream come to fruition and she has the awards to prove it. She's won 1st place in the Hype Magazine showcase, she won Sigma's R&B/Pop Star Competition, and she's nowhere near finished yet. She recently released her new mixtape entitled No Fearthat shows exactly why she keeps racking up win after win.


3.) Brianna Cash - Philly's own Brianna Cash has been making quite the buzz with her flawlessly executed and incredibly written tunes off of her debut project Journey After June, which has greatly increased her fan base and even caught the eye of the folks over at Revolt TV. If you haven't seen her perform live yet, do yourself a favor and catch the next live show that you can - you won't be disappointed.


4.) Jacqueline Constance - Do you know of any artist that can absolutely slay with just a loop pedal and their own vocals? Can't think of any? I'll answer for you: Jacqueline Constance. This soulful diva has displayed her talents on various stages and thus garnered the support of a plethora of music lovers and some of Philly's own heavy hitters. Her Wesmanchild produced project The Jacqueline Showgained her even more praise and once you take a listen, it's easy to see why.


5.) GANOU - Tranquil goddess GANOU is without a doubt, a triple threat. She's a singer, songwriter, and producer who's unique blend of melodies soothes listeners no matter what kind of mood they're in. Having a bad day? Just turn on one of GANOU's tracks and let her take you away to a land of sonic bliss. Her album Catharsis, is available for purchase, so do the right thing and support this talented artist.