PREVIEW: MYA - "Cherry Lips" (RMX'd By The Packxsz)

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The Packxsz has outdid himself once again with his latest RMX of Mya's "Cherry Lips". 

He prides himself on the remix. And to be quite honest, he does it very well, to say the least. Only dropping a snippet of the official release (soon to drop, which hasn't been announced as of yet) we get to enjoy the uplifting sounds of his musical genius.

"Cherry Lips" (which originally released in the Spring of 2014) started out with a rhythmic R&B vibe, which almost came across as "dreamy", yet playful at the same time. The Packxsz brings a few new different elements to this record, including full section horn stabs, more percussion lines, and a variety of creative breaks and drops, which add a touch more excitement to the already energetic record.

Of course, Mya does her thing on the vocals (no doubts about that), and keeps the head nodding with a stellar studio performance.

This track goes hard, from the minute and some change we've heard it. We can't wait to hear the record in its entirety when it releases in the near future. This record definitely gets three big thumbs up... Yes, we grew an extra arm to give it this rating.


A few more details.. Shall we?

After doing official remixes for Glenn Lewis, Joyce SimsUness, Jay Z protégé Bridget Kelly and Swiss Neo Soul Queen Faye B., Dutch Producer The Packxsz puts his hands on ‘Cherry Lips’ from one sexiest ladies in R&B, none other than Miss Mya.

Most of you don’t need an introduction to Mya, but in case you are not familiar: She was the voice of the 1998 worldwide hit ‘Ghetto Superstar’ by Pras featuring Ol’ Dirty Bastard which was followed by her debut album and gold-certified singles as ‘It’s all about me’, ‘Case of the Ex’ and ‘My love is like… Wo’. Mya won a Grammy Award in 2002 for delivering her vocals to the cover version of Labelle’s ‘Lady Marmalade’ alongside Pink, Christina Aguilera, Missy Eliot and Lil’ Kim which became a smash hit worldwide.

The original version from ‘Cherry Lips’ appears on her latest EP ‘Sweet XVI’. The Packxsz is still in consultation with Mya’s management about releasing the remix official, but did not want to keep his version from your ears.

So, if you like this version of the song, please comment on the Soundcloud link or Tweet ‘ Cherry Lips X @MISSMYA X @ThePackxsz X OFFICIAL’.