PREMIERE: Kalimur Looks For 'Redemption' In Their Second Studio Album

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Writing this album review took longer than expected. After listening on repeat, studying until I heard nothing but melodies, I stopped to read the lyrics and it was in these verses that I fell madly in love with Kalimur's album, Redemption

Kalimuris back with their second, highly acclaimed album Redemption, which dropped on January 25th via iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music.

Reminiscent of influences Coldplay, The Fray and Imagine Dragons, their sound is alternative pop/rock, yet distinct and authentic. Although the comparisons are welcome, bandmates, Brett Steinberg, Alex Trouern, Tyler Berkich, and Jonah Propfe have definitely made a path for themselves with a record consisting of 11 soulful, piano driven rock tracks about heartbreak and redemption. Hailing from Connecticut, Kalimur's album, Redemption is one to experience.


The album is a reflective musical journey that is dark, vulnerable and optimistic. Sonically dynamic, emotional, twisted and beautiful, the album highlights the rise and fall of mankind. No matter where you are in life, this album is for you.

Tracks like "Broken Man" "Modern Love" and "Empty Hands" are just captivating and mature, questioning the roles of relationships in the most authentic way possible. "When You Fall", provides an alternative view to the fall of man.

"The Truth" begs and longs for something real, as Brett croons, "Cause we want it and we need it, Something to inspire truth, Yeah we breathe it and we bleed it, The hunger for a civil truce, Cause the head and the heart will, Always point in different ways, But that fire in your soul, Is something that must remain".

"Boston" completes the albums journey with a deep moment that evolves into a 6 minute love story. Subtle, simple and sweet, it climaxes and leaves the listener with a beautiful piano decrescendo of hope and longing, "You're coming back, you're coming back" fueling he entire mood of the album's title, redemption.


Here is what Kalimur had to say about the album,

"Redemption" is an album that is as honest as it gets. We all approached the songwriting from a very genuine place. The record can get dark at points, but offers a beacon of light that ultimately threads its way from the top to bottom. In a lot of ways this record, although it has its fair share of big production moments, is more raw and stripped back than anything else we've ever done. Less is more in a lot of these instances and we really thought hard on what needed to be in each song and what didn't. This is an album we care about deeply and it comes right from the heart. It wasn't easy to make, but for us it had to be made. We can only hope the album means as much for the listeners as it does to us. -Kalimur

Huge kudos to Brett Steinberg, AlexTrouern, Tyler Berkich, and Jonah Propfe for another amazing album! Be sure to catch our Exclusive Interview with them soon. In the mean time, check out the album on  iTunes,Spotify and Apple Music.


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