ProbCause Fuses Hip-Hop, Jazz, Electronic On 'Drifters' Album

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Chicago rapper ProbCause’s Drifters thrives in its versatility, with a thread of enthusiasm and self-satisfaction remaining constant throughout the 12-song album.

Live instrumentation is sprinkled into the production with sprawling subject matter that ranges from enchanting explorations of romantic companionship on “Portrait” to a dream state of skepticism on “Wake Up” and later the slacker-friendly serenading of “The Woods.”

Debuted by Red Bull Music, Drifters reveals the highly collaborative and vibrant musical community within the city of Chicago.

ProbCause remarked, "I work with a lot of really talented musicians in Chicago so it was a very organic thing to involve them in the production process. Will Miller from a band called The O'My's plays horns on a lot of the songs and really helped take the album to another level," he added. "[This album] is much more musical than anything I've made in the past."

The album contains production from Gramatik, the Geek x Vrv, Exmag, GRiZ, Drew MantiaCofresi, Wes P, Breakscience and Mike Irish.