Louise Chantál Impresses Listeners With New Single - "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is"

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Louise Chantál is setting the record straight - telling men of the world to "put their money where their mouths are." Hashtag #PYMWYMI. Hailing from London, this New York-based sensation is claiming her territory in the modern galaxy of the music industry. And the people agree - #PYMWYMI currently reigns with 408K plays in such short time.

"Girl power" is what MISSBISH called this record. We would agree with that, wholeheartedly.

 Louise Chantál.

Louise Chantál.

Another strong point with Louise Chantál is her vanity. Call her a social media Queen if you'd like to.  Showing off her gorgeous looks, laced with pre-historic diamond sized studs you'd see a T-Rex flossing if he could. If looks could kill, we'd been dead years ago upon laying eyes on her.

Take some time to play this record and turn those speakers up. And we mean all the way up. What you're about to witness is audible gold. Check it out below.