Que Hampton Unveils Debut Project, A Piece Of Blakk

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The subgenre known as "boom bap" grew widespread during the 90's era of Hip-Hop music, better known as "the golden era". New York City coined this sound and legendary producers such as J Dilla and DJ Premier took this raw sound and elevated to such heights that allowed this music to sweep the nation, even still today.

Boom bap inevitably connects itself to the "old school era", but artists such as Joey Bada$$ and the Pro Era crew revamped the sound into a liking of their own, making it relevant in the culture yet again.

Que Hampton, a rising New York emcee too seeks to tell his stories, or spit his rhymes, if you will, over sounds similar to the caliber of the aforementioned New York natives.

New York emcees typically develop a knacking for rap at a early age, just as this 19-year-old Hip-Hop artist did.

Having influence from the likes of Biggie Smalls, and The legendary Wu, its quite obvious what flavor Hampton brings to the mic--he's true to his New York roots and foundations laid by the culture shift created by emcees repping any of the five Burroughs.

His debut project, A Piece of Blakk, which channels his impulsive alter ego, features collaborations with fellow Rockland County native, Bishop Nehruwho produced two tracks on this project. Motivated by the saying, "Light will shine through any piece of black (BLAKK)," Que considers this project to literally be a piece of BLAKK, his alter-ego, and therefore his creation.

This 11-track mixtape premieres a raw Hip-Hop sound where ill flows meets soulful beats. The urban yet vintage quality earns my respect, for sure.

Listen below.