R&B Queen Aaliyah's Legacy Will Live For A Long Time After Passing

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Aaliyah Dana Haughton's career continues to expand and inspire 14 years later after her passing.

In her 22 years of life, the Grammy nominated singer has left behind a great legacy including three platinum studio albums, many awards, and a die hard fan base that is still waiting for new original music; especially after Timbaland teased us fans on Instagram with the near release of new music.

Aaliyah has remained the queen for years after releasing classic hit after hit. Her style, along with her music was versatile and came organically, from tomboy to diva with an unique edge.

Her sound was one of a kind ranging from her first album to the last one. From her dynamic dance tracks "Try Again" and "More Than A Woman" to the heart-felt ballads from "At Your Best (You Are Love)" and "One In A Million".

Aaliyah created her own sound with the help of Hip-Hop greats Missy Elliott and Timbaland, especially with the single that caught everyone's attention "One In A Million". She was a dominating force in the music industry, and began to explore the acting side with two feature films, as she was signed on to be in the movie "The Matrix" before her passing. She was destined for greatness, and her legacy continues on with the fans. Some Aaliyah fans started a petition to get a MAC cosmetic line in honor of the late singer, and it has done so well that Aaliyah's brother Rashad has been contacted by the cosmetic line. Rashad tweeted,

"I see your passion for #AaliyahForMac, so I have my great license team looking into it now. So tweet more, make it trend. #makeithappen... Word from MAC is 2017 is the earliest a line could be considered. Thanks for all your passion and support. It's on the radar...We have some other exciting product releases coming this year. I Will update everyone here very soon.""

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Aaliyah's career has expanded over the years, and has inspired countless other people. However, there has been this non-existent beef between her and Beyoncé (more so with the fans). Fans have been stating for years that if Aaliyah was alive, then Beyoncé wouldn't be as big as she is.

Now, both women have accumulated many accolades on their own accords, and have both proven to be successful as solo artists. This non-existent beef is funny because both of them were friends, and Destiny's Child as a whole has told different stories about Aaliyah, the most prominent was that Aaliyah offered to buy them dinner after an award show.

Now, if Aaliyah was alive, Beyoncé would still be big.

However, Aaliyah would definitely be bigger and known more world wide if she was alive today. Aaliyah's power, force, and being is just in a different field than Beyoncé; especially after only releasing three albums in a short span of time.

After her death, Aaliyah's legacy continues to inspire artists in today's industry. From Drake to J.Cole, to Chris Brown, Sevyn Streeter, Tink, and many more. Her mark will forever be left on the musical world.

Aaliyah Dana Haughton left this world on August 25th, 2001 during a plane crash after shooting her final video "Rock The Boat".

She left behind a legacy that continues to reach younger generations with music. Haughton displayed talent, charisma, heart, and helped people whenever she could.

There has been countless stories told about her generosity from Toni Braxton to Lil' Kim, and most noticeably the effect she had on rapper DMX.

Aaliyah's music is timeless, and since today is the 14th year after her passing, and with Timbaland teasing us fans with the release of Aaliyah music soon; today just may be a great today for Aaliyah fans everywhere. Aaliyah was an amazing person who touched the hearts of millions of fans.