Rah Shares His Experience With Disloyal People On "Fake Lover"

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Milwaukee is a city flourishing with young talent. With the Bucks' bevy of promising, young stars like Giannis Antetokounmpo and now 19-year-old rapper/producer Rah, the city has the makings of a place oozing with cultural influence.

"Why you always trying to claim you on my team / But you ain't never really help my dream?" - Rah, "Fake Lover"

As someone mindful of the trappings of fame and the people who only are around for the shine but not the grind, his new single "Fake Lover" is the ultimate warning against fake people. Produced by New Jersey producer Papo, this is just a tantalizing sample of Rah's still-untitled upcoming project due this summer.

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