Ranshaw & Gang Concert

Siani Leigh
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Last night, Ranshaw put on a great performance at his first ever concert. Ran is a 20 year-old rapper from the uptown section of Philadelphia. His stage presence is insane, he made sure to engage the crowd. Prior to the concert he released multiple projects featuring Zero and Coop to name a few. He's worked with some of the hottest producers in the city as well, including: MaalyRaw and Marsblackman Ran$haw had DJ Tizzand headliners from different parts of the city join him on stage. Andrew Meoray, Leen Bean, and Deek all matched Ran's high energy.

As a gift for his fans and their support, Ran plans to release his new mixtape today. Gorilla Mindset: Dear Summer '16 will be available on Spinrilla. Make sure to follow Ranshaw to get the latest updates on his music and upcoming events. Checkout the video above!