'Rap and Ball 2.0' Touches On Black Community Issues

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"Rap and Ball 2.0" is the compelling second single from Timothy Welbeck's forthcoming album entitled, "No City for Young Men". The song, produced by the incomparable Tone Jonez, challenges children and young people alike to pursue their dreams, yet to fortify that pursuit with expectations that the transcend the desire for fame. In essence, he raps about the perils of only aspiring to "rap" and "play ball". In the video, Timothy makes his directoral debut, and demonstrates why he did not pursue a career in professional basketball.

And to be quite honest, Welbeck's approach is quite distinguished in it's own right. Though not sonically perfect (in terms of audio engineering) the message runs deep, which every inner city, concrete jungle community would instantly identify with. Why are our future generations limited to just a few options? Is it by design? Or maybe just a mere coincidence? This record reveals hidden truths that demand more attention from the Black community. Solutions are needed, or the next up is lost, without cause.

We pick out the key ingredient in this record.

"If we were more supportive of our sons and our daughters/

They would be architects, engineers and lawyers/"

 Pure Craft.

Pure Craft.

More About The Artist: 

Timothy Welbeck is an attorney, hip-hop artist, and college professor who has crafted a stirring brand of music that is thought-provoking and relevant, honest and life-changing. He has garnered high compliments from hip-hop legends (EPMD, DJ Scratch), industry tastemakers (Mtv Correspondent Sway) and record executives (VP of A&R at Def Jam, Lenny S), and has shared the stage with the likes of Janelle Monae, EPMD, Immortal Technique, Dead Prez, Jasiri X, et al.


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