EXCLUSIVE: Rosalyn L x All Star Music Awards x SOHO, NYC

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What happened November 30th, 2014 in New York City was simply - amazing.

On a very elegant evening in Soho, occurred the independent All Star Music Awards (Presented by Xtreme 104FM) for all the hard working, never sleeping, and occasionally eating entrepreneurs, aspiring to mark their spot in the hip hop game. Many already Being accomplished in their own right.

The crowd was pleasant and jubial, the drinks were flowing endlessly at the bar, and the atmosphere was somewhat comparable to that of a lounging environment.

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The event sponsored by Pivot Records in addition to being hosted by XXXotic Mami, took a series of twists and turns throughout the night, giving attendees a taste of a bit of everything. from live DJ sets from DJ Digga and DJ NO, a red carpet introduction to video intermissions, and plenty of live performances, this was a night one can simply remember as being truly memorable - as well as being inspiring to say the least.

Hotline Radio's Rosalyn L and DJ Mike - accompanied by HYPEFRESH® curator Clark Kennedy navigated the event speaking to various artists, producers, and media outlets on their take of the independent star studded spectacle.

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Sing Malloy, one of the nominees for Best R&B artist category gave his two cents on why working hard pays off:

"For me, making the best music possible and being original is the method to being successful in this buisness. Making music that's true to who you are gets you noticed, and ultimately recognized, as you can see my position as of this evening. I did just that and am thankful to be acknowledged for the work I put in here."

L-Smooth, of Street City Enterprises out of Oklahoma City was one of the many talented performers of the evening, who stopped to chime in as well:

"I'm pumped and completely amped for tonight. It's exciting to be here out in the big apple.. Manhattan, to do something completely for the love of the hip hop culture."

"It's amazing to see so many talented individuals, all in one room. Each of them having their own respectable talents, and bringing them forth for the people." Says Rosalyn L, who carefully examined the scene of the event. "This award show is truly needed for the hip hop culture, because many people need positive championing of their gifts and skill sets."

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The DJ even gave the audience an unexpected free for all rap cypher, which of course every bar spitter on stage added more damage to the mic with sharp and clever wordplay. There wasn’t enough time in the evening give everyone the spotlight though, as the DJ had to cut the record after 10 16's to proceed with the program.

Some of the nights biggest winners included those in music categories. However, surprisingly enough, there were categories such as "Best Independent Website" and "Entreprenur of The Year" floating around in between. Not to forget mention of "Best Independent Clothing Line" as well as "Comedian of The Year" in addition.


All in all, the event was a huge success, and its anticipation for another go around is expected for next year. Many people who attended were satisfied with the overall vibe of the evening, and were hella proud to see some of their favorite independents walk home with the gold.

"Im satisfied, completely" said one of the events attendees, who paid at the door to witness history in the making that evening. "I paid for a good time, and that's exactly what I got being here tonight. Can't wait till next year.

Neither can we. Scroll below to see the rest of the photography captured at the show, as well as the full list of winners at the bottom in it's entirety. Signing out!

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Single Of The Year
B. Morgan

Entrepreneur Of The Year

Knowledge Borne

Mixtape Of The Year

Blogger Of The Year
Lanice " Tha L Spot"

Model Of The Year
Julissa Floyd

New Clothing Line Of The Year

Radio Station Of The Year
DTF Radio

Community Outreach Of The Year
Hop Cathay

Blog/Entertainment Website Of The Year

Female Battle Rapper Of The Year
Ms. Fit


Best Live Performance

Male Battle Rapper Of The Year

Charlie Clips

Comedian Of The Year
Mr. Commodore

Video Of The Year

Fucking Up The VIP
Produkt Ft. Pete Powerz

Album Of The Year
Triple R

Best Rap Group or Duo


Best Radio Show

Something Serious Sundays

Indie Record Label Of The Year

SMG ( Stable Music Group)

BUZZ Factor Of The Year

Hollywood YSA

Dj Of The Year


Artist Website Of The Year


Female Rapper Of The Year

Male Rapper Of The Year

AR Stylez

Videographer Of The Year

Kwan Lee

New Artist Of The Year

Female R&B Pop Artist Of The Year

The Silent Celeb

Male R&B Pop Artist Of The Year


Overall Artist Of The Year