Res's “Refried Mac” EP Is A Masterpiece Work Of Art

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A few days back while searching for new music to indulge into, HF® ran across veteran Philadelphia soulstress, Res — via her TwitterRES’ solo debut album “How I Do" remains a cult classic to this day. Her follow up entitled “Black Girls Rock” was released completely independent and showcased RES as an artist finding her own voice. Also, being half of the super music group, Idle Warship with TalibKweli.

Taking time out to research what she’d been involved in as of recent years, we took notice of her latest iTunes EP release: “Refried Mac”— Which covers five classic Fleetwood Mac songs — We dug deeper, being intrigued by what Res brought to the table with this EP.

Two hours later, we found ourselves contacting Res, giving her praise on what HF® felt to be a"Classic" piece of art — in sonic form. Before we knew it, Resmanagement team sent her press package to us — thus allowing our exploring further into how "Refried Mac" came into existence.

HF® couldn’t formulate sentences to describe this EP, however we did describe each song’s strongest points in raw expression. Here’s our twist on the typical music review — that you will experience, ….. right, ….. now.


Rhythmically energetic, melodic, creative vocal solo, clever lyrics, intriguing.

Sweet Lies

Melancholy, Soulful, Progressive, Emotional, Heartfelt, Executed to near perfection (performance & musically)

Edge Of Seventeen

Rhythmically powerful, upbeat, uplifting, energetic, strong instrumental production, funky.


Lyrically witty/clever, soulfully recreated, Atmosheric, melancholy, intriguing, perfectly executed — musically & lyrically.


Captures the southern feel to a science, edgy, powerful performance, awesome instrumentation, rhythmically upbeat, lyrically witty.