RetroI$Awesome - $tunt (Video)

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Each state has its own music "face", if you will, that has put in that work enough to the point where their whole demographic acknowledges them as being "next up". New Jersey's own, RetroI$Dope is aiming to serve that purpose for his area & comes behind much recent success like Fetty Wap, Mike Zombie, both of who are being mighty consistent with their presence.

With RetroI$Awesome's latest video $tunts making a clear statement advocating the undeniable energy he brings forth within his music persona, it's no secret as to why he's in talks of being "up next" out of the The Garden State.

The video itself is already in comparison to the likes of Young Thug by The Source Magazine. The roaring bass and lyrical chants throughout this record makes it one for the books of "turn up".