Rhys Langston Delivers New Soundwave On "Future Suite" Project

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Rhys Langston (pronounced Reese) is a multimedia artist from Los Angeles, CA. Stylistically, he might remind one of a bit of Saul Williams, Talib Kweli, Busdriver, Ishmael Butler and even TV on the Radio thrown in an idiosyncratic blender— especially live in concert. “Future Suite,” Rhys Langston’s most recent work is, formally, somewhat of an “in betweener”, not quite an EP but not a single track by any means. The form is in the title, for it is a suite, 5 interwoven tracks. "Future Suite" is an 8 minute dive into the mind of Rhys Langston, channeling an old school vibe with 'in years newer' to a more conscious, experimental approach on 'DEMOCRATIZE THE ART'.


Unlike his counterparts, the sound wave of "Future Suite" is versatile. There is something for everyone. Leaving the listening with 'language hearing' Future Suite is the future of rap, blending genres, emotions, moods and ideas into a cohesive work of art. Progression, time, and a sense of reconfiguration are concepts explored through the poetically abstracted lyrical content, but also the form. The project features his own production and a self-designed cover art, as well as 4 compositions from producers Kató, welcome home, and Iyasa. Currently, his full length musical project “Aggressively Ethnically Ambiguous” is in post-production, and, for it, he foresees a late 2016 release. We are uber excited to share his music with you all today! In the mean time, check out the dope project below!