Rick Ross Loses "Everyday I'm Hustling" Copyright Claims

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Rapper, Rick Ross, lost his copyright claim after he tried to go after music group LMFAO for selling "Everyday I'm Shuffling" t-shirts.

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Judge Kathleen Williams states that Ross's slogan is an expression that can not be copyrighted. Ross claimed that Stefan and Skyler Gordy of LMFAO copied his slogan "Everyday I'm Hustling" in their "Party Rock Anthem" changing the lyrics to "Everyday I'm Shuffling."

Ross states that the song was:

"an obvious attempt to capitalize on the fame and success of Hustlin'."

He also sued Kia Motors for using the "Party Rock Anthem" in a advertisement of theirs. The judge states that the slogan contains ordinary words that can not necessarily be copyrighted.

There has been an trial set for October to determine whether the "Party Rock Anthem" is an unauthorized version of Ross's "Hustlin'."